[linux-audio-user] YASQ: Soundfonts and Audigy

Bert Visser bourdon at kabelfoon.net
Wed May 10 10:21:54 EDT 2006

paul wisehart schreef:
>> The Live! cards have a 32 MB limit no matter how much system memory you 
>> have, so for this one you will need an Audigy card.
> Thanks, is there somewhere I can read up on the details of this issue?
> I might buy an audigy card just to get the bigger soundfont capability,
> but it would be *only* for that reason so I wanna make sure I get the
> right audigy card.
> thanks,
> --
> paul w
I have to correct myself; it looks like the 32 MB limit as mentioned in 
Creative's knowledgebase is only with the original Windows  driver. In 
my machine - a dual boot WinXP / FC4 - I have an Audigy and a Live! card 
and on the WinXP side with the driver from the kxproject I can easily 
load much, much more on the Live! card than just 32 MB. In Linux, when 
loading the Fluid soundfont I get a message "no memory left" but the 
font is loaded and usable. This happens on both the Audigy and on the 
Live. So I guess this means that in your case there probably is another 
problem which won't be solved by getting an Audigy card.

Could you try the PC51f.sf2 soundfont and see if this one loads without 
messages? You can get it at http://www.personalcopy.com/home.htm (ca. 51 MB)

Sorry for the initial misinformation.


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