[linux-audio-user] Denormal problems with some LADSPA plugins

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Sat May 13 09:40:44 EDT 2006

Saturday 13 May 2006 15:04, Q:
> tim hall wrote:
>   I have had problems with the symptoms you're discussing, using the
> same set-up
> > and the stock demudi kernel (which is very old). I have had much more
> > steady CPU and DSP usage since I upgraded and recompiled my kernel to
> > 2.6.16 - I have been using the TAP plugins more than the SWH ones you
> > mention. I will test them out when I get a spare moment, as the only
> > difference on my system is likely to be the kernel and hardware.
> I did wonder about just trying to make do with other plugins, but the
> Triple Band parametric is just so useful. I use it on just about every
> track, both for the high pass and the EQ. I have just discovered the
> 4-band parametric, but I've had problems with the Glame High Pass where
> I've tried using that.

Does Ardour's Options -> Misc -> Stop plugins with transport setting make any 


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