[linux-audio-user] [ANN] FreeCast 20060515

Alban Peignier alban.peignier at free.fr
Tue May 16 04:26:37 EDT 2006

FreeCast 20060515 - FreeCast traverses NAT

After a busy winter, the FreeCast team is proud to publish this new
major release.

FreeCast is a peer-to-peer streaming solution based on Ogg encoding
format. Audio (Ogg/Vorbis) or video (Ogg/Theora) streaming content are
thus allowed.

FreeCast is now two years old, and the experience we gained through its
development and use led us to a deep rewriting of the protocol since the
transport layer was switched from TCP to UDP. We also added the
long-awaited NAT traversal: FreeCast networks won't be stopped anymore
by misconfigured NATs.

FreeCast Manager has been thoroughly reviewed by our user community, and
we added some new features, such as the ability of broadcasting a
playlist/list of files thanks to an integrated Ogg Vorbis encoder. To
ease the use of FreeCast Mananager, one simple dialog allows you to
setup your broadcast. With FreeCast's "Click & Broadcast", broadcasting
your own content has never been so easy.

Changelog in brief:

UDP transport layer, NAT traversal, STUN support, Latency analysis,
Embedded Ogg Vorbis encoder, FreeCast Manager Setup GUI, Improved
Windows installer

Links :

- freecast.org: http://www.freecast.org
- Listening with Freecast: http://www.freecast.org/listen
- Streaming with FreeCast: http://www.freecast.org/broadcast
- Complete changelog: http://download.freecast.org/README.html
- Debian package: http://debian.tryphon.org
Alban Peignier <alban.peignier at free.fr>
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