[linux-audio-user] Funding a open/free equivalent to major instrument sampling libraries

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Sun May 21 23:30:17 EDT 2006

I'm curious if there would be interest in organizing a free equivalent
to the major symphonic orchestral libraries?

I've read that the EW/QL Symphonic Orchestra cost 1.5 million to
record, master etc.

The obvious big costs are the orchestral players, the orchestral
recording hall, and the sound engineers time and equipment.

My thoughts are that the orchestral players and hall there are two
options - see if an orchestra and its hall would be willing to donate
playing time, or to use a professional orchestra in a country where
the cost for the players and hall time is drastically lower.  For the
first option possibly one of the orchestras affiliated with an
academic instution might be a possibility.  For the second I suspect
that China, India, and Russia, for instance all have a number of
quality professional orchestras that might be hired for prices
significantly below what an EU or US orchestras would cost.

For funding perhaps contact the instructors at each College/University
(there are 2600 in the US).  If there is a target funding goal, set
things up as individuals agree to contribute x$ once y% of individuals
agree to contribute - so say if the goal is half a million and the
minimal contribution is 200$ once 2500 people agree to participate
then everyone donates.

Perhaps seek a matching funds agreement with Carnegie Mellon foundation or such.

Is this something of interest?

Tom M.

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