[linux-audio-user] Transparentize ZynAddSubFX

Carlo Capocasa capocasa at gmx.net
Tue May 23 12:07:36 EDT 2006

User request here! I absolutely LOVE ZynAddSubFX and I haven't found any 
oscillators, filters, harmonics generators etc. that sound nearly as 
good. The sounds are simply so natural. Now what I'd like to do is hook 
up all these things in a modular way.

You're looking for a new project to tie your name infinitely to the 
world audio and enjoy all the privileges of the natural way of the 
coder. You also have a good ear for fineness.

Great! You code. I'll test. The result is a wonderful set of LV2 (new 
ladspa) plugins that are all the building blocks ZynAddSubFX is made of. 
They are called ZynAddSubFX LowPass2 Filter etc. to honor the genius of 
its author.


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