[linux-audio-user] Problem with seq24: Where's the midi ports?

sunnan at handgranat.org sunnan at handgranat.org
Tue May 23 16:21:33 EDT 2006

> I'm fairly sure that I made some use of it when I first installed it,
> however, I've tried using it with qsynth over the last few days and I
> just can't seem to be able to connect the two at all. I'm rather
> concerned that seq24 doesn't seem to have any ports/clients listed in
> qjackctl's midi section.

Depending on what version you're using of seq24; older versions tried to
connect without using aconnect/qjackctl (i.e. it finds qsynth and others
automatically), but IIRC recent versions can choose between either
behaviour. I know I have it set up to show up in qjackctl at the moment.

Look in the preferences or the readme (a file named SEQ24).

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