[linux-audio-user] Getting some input (was Getting some hardware...)

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Sat May 27 18:11:27 EDT 2006

On Tue, 23 May 2006 01:35:18 +0200
Carlo Capocasa <capocasa at gmx.net> wrote:

Hi !

> Hi there! Glad to be loading you up with my opinions. Here we go!
> >   And that is: being able to input sequencer data using three
> > different approaches: percussion, guitar and keyboard.  For the
> > sound sources,
> Way cool! What input devices are you using/planning to use? What MIDI 
> interface?

I started by looking at this.  Last time I checked that out there was
the Roland GR-707 synth guitar with that funny arm, and Roland's
Octapad. So, there are quite a few things new nowadays.

Basically if I follow your advice, all sounds would be generated by the
Linux PC so there's no need to have an external device that also has
sounds, unless I want to use them through line-ins or by miking an amp.

For percussion, I've looked at Roland's HPD-15 Handsonic and the Korg
padKontrol.  The latter makes me think of a Roland drum device I once
had and whose pads were placed in a similar manner.  And then, what's
ncie with the other, the Hadnsonic thing, is its shape which makes it
look a lot more natural to tap stuff with fingers.  Much like tapping
on the armrests of a chair and stuff like that.  But then, it has a lot
of sounds and features that could very well be ignored in the long run
(well, maybe some sounds can be used).

With such a device (either of them) is it possible to play it in a
Linux sequencer (such as MuSE perhaps) using the device's sounds and
upon playback, the device will play the sequenced MIDI notes using its
own sounds ?  

If I use 5 pads to generate 5 different sounds on the PC, does it work
using 5 different MIDI channels ?  How many MIDI channels are there
available ?

What is this CC (channel control I think) feature that some device
has ?  How can it be used in a typical PC (Linux) based setup ?

Also, if I only use sounds from the Linux PC (generated by what
exactly - I only know presently of the synth you mentioned in your
last reply), is it possible to assign 8 sounds for the percussion
device, then playback those sequenced sounds (notes) and then add 10
more other sounds eventually coming from a MIDI guiatr controler, a
keyboard, etc...  I.e. is there a limit on the number of sounds a Linux
PC can generated in response to a sequenced MIDI score ?

So this brings me to the guitar.  I've looked at the Yamaha interface
(pick + module) and the features seems quite good.  Like the
possibility of changing the sound depending where you pluck the string
and the possibility of assinging certain sounds to certain strings.
That'd be the G50 controller  and the G1D pick-up.  I'd install that on
a new electric guitar (I only have accoustics now and altough a MIDI
accoustic steel-string is tempting, I want to obtain clear MIDI only
sounds and that would require heavy headphones to cut the accoustic

So while I'm not 100% sure about the percussion device, I'd favor much
the Yamaha stuff for the guitar.

For a keyboard, I have a very simple one now that sends MIDI notes
(I've used it with MuSE a few years back) so that's OK for now.

Any comments, suggestions, etc... appreciated.



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