[linux-audio-user] Problem with seq24: Where's the midi ports?

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Tue May 30 02:49:36 EDT 2006

On Wednesday 24 May 2006 09:04, Joseph Jones was like:
> Ahh, I see. I tried doing an upgrade last night, as I hadn't realised
> that my installed version was actually older than god, which involved
> a partial upgrade to DeMuDi unstable. Unfortunately I seem to have
> broken everything audio related, so I'm gonna have another bash at it
> tonight, probably just do a base install and then actually follow the
> instructions for upgrading.

Good idea, there is no DeMuDi unstable. Upgrading from stable to testing is an 
all-or-nothing affair. You're lucky to have a system that still boots.

tim hall
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