[linux-audio-user] Three last tracks

chris beagles christhemonkey at gmail.com
Tue May 30 17:01:27 EDT 2006

>Yves Potin said:
>         Then, an arrangement I wrote of a jazz standard :
> http://ypotin.nerim.net/lennies_pennies.ogg (Lennie Tristano) 5,4 M

Must say i love this track!
Is it you soloing?
The guitar part that is.

How did you do the drums?
They sounded a little too rigid for my liking, a little too perfect for jazz!

>         Finally, a more personnal track, a bit long, about which I'd
> be really glad to hear your comments :
> http://ypotin.nerim.net/oceaniques.ogg 11,4 M
Shall listen to this one as soon as i get time

>         Thanks in advance for any kind of thoughts about all this, and my
> apologies if my English is rarely as clear as I'd liked it to be :).
>         Best,
> Y.

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