[linux-audio-user] PC Keyboard questions

David Causse nomoa at wanadoo.fr
Fri Nov 3 13:00:44 EST 2006

> Paul's right on regarding inherent limitations in the PC keyboard 
> protocol.
> I'm not sure how you're using Freewheeling - for instance, if you've
> set it to play loops while the keys are pressed down, but not when
> they're released, this won't help, but - in the standard config, with
> tap tempo and sync on, I've been able to start/stop multiple loops "at
> once" by sort of rolling my hand across the keys I want to hit - so
> that I'm not hitting the keys at the same time, but within a short
> enough span of time that it's still musical.
> Ultimately, the cheap midi foot controllers now available make it an
> easier system to work with, simply because it frees one's hands to
> play instruments, gesture wildly, etc.
Yes I tried to roll, but it's very difficult in some condition and 
sometimes one or more loops doesn't start due to this keyboard limitiation.
Maybe I should work on this more like learning a new instrument...
Also, I  don't make music alone it's impossible for what I want to do, 
one control, one play and vice versa, I don't plan to make music like 
with a jamin guitar pedal effect.
I don't know exactly how I will achieve this, maybe by learning more 
precisely my keyboard behaviour and configure the look of freewheeling 
to help me in that way.

I want to be able to make the music evolutive and it's the main reason 
why I need to activate/desactivate multiple loops.
I don't know how to explain clearly what I want to do, maybe I could 
define it as a mix of dj style music (with predefined loops samples a la 
dj shadow) and instrumentals to be short. I hope freewheeling will help 
me in the way to make it impossible to distinghish what was instrumental 
(played live) and what comes from samples.


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