[linux-audio-user] jack: "unlock memory" and "soft mode"

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 02:12:50 EST 2006

Lars Luthman wrote:

> so the kernel can swap
> it to disk if it wants.

I never run out of ram. In a realtime situation I think this would 
generally be a thing to really, really try to avoid. So "unlock memory" 
is doing anything the moment I used all my ram and the kernel starts to 
swap to disc?

> What it says. Probably useful when you are playing live or care more
> about keeping all your synths connected than about keeping the xruns at
> a minimum (by kicking badly behaved clients from the graph).

Would that be like a zynaddsubfx being zombified because it takes too 
long to save patches? :-)

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