[linux-audio-user] [OT] kororaa report

Dubphil dubphil at free.fr
Sun Nov 19 13:58:47 EST 2006


as this is quite a gentoo specific post, I have marked it as off topic,
but it should be interesting for others.

So I have tried the kororaa installation. The install on itself is very
easy, it looks like a debian install and it tooks less than 1 hour to have
a fully functionnal but outdated Gentoo system.

Alsaconf is used to detect the audio hardware, so my USB cards was not
detected :(

The kernel provided is quite old : 2.6.14

The install is using prebuild packages, but updating a package switch
emerge to use the compilation way.

After the installation, we have an outdated system, and here begin a
nightmare that would totally disgusting any newcommers to the Gentoo
system. The kororaa mainteners have masked or unmasked tons of packages,
so the emerge world needs a lot of masking and unmasking work to be
launched properly. In short, the upgrade process is directly broken.

So to conclude, I would advise newcommers to Gentoo to use the
traditionnal way of installing gentoo even if it takes 1 day and needs to
use the command line.



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