[linux-audio-user] Re: Software recommendation

rj at spamatica.se rj at spamatica.se
Wed Nov 29 04:52:14 EST 2006

Yves Potin skrev:
> Le 28 Nov à 22:33, Robert Jonsson ecrivait:
>> Being a MusE developer and long time user, I'm merely asking as to understand 
>> what other users lack in MusE that we might fix to make it better (apart from 
>> mediocre publicity...).
>         Hi Robert.      
>         I only use MuSE for composing what I try to do, and I'm quite
> happy with it. As you're asking, maybe some improvements on the MIDI
> editors could  be made, for example a better access to the various
> controllers inside the piano roll,

Could you give some example?

>  and a quick and simple way to center
> the view on the playhead after zooming. 

Indeed, this is akward.

> And also a better way to arrange
> parts and structure inside the arranger.

Could you give som examples of what you mean?


>         But MuSE remains a very fine software for me. Don't integrate the
> KDE libs inside of it :). 
> Yves, about to switch to the O.9 version.

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