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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Wed Nov 29 06:43:53 EST 2006

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Robert Jonsson schrieb:
> Hi guys,

> It's that time of year again, I feel like trying to push the word about MusE 
> some...
> Any particular reason why you'd find MusE to be a bad solution for this? 
> Being a MusE developer and long time user, I'm merely asking as to understand 
> what other users lack in MusE that we might fix to make it better (apart from 
> mediocre publicity...).

I can understand, that many people prefer Rosegarden as the all-in-one
big colorfull intuitive Sequencersuite for Linux. The Scoreeditor is a
strong point for many and the builtin synths in Muse are no match for
the stuff that RG makes available via dssi (though simpledrums is a very
strong point for muse since there is no such app for dssi that i know of).

Still I prefer Muse. Since I dont write score, the lack of the editor is
no problem for me and the Matrixeditor in RG could be the same as good
as the one in Muse but it is not since its predefined settings are
unusable for me and everytime, I call it I have to set it manually - the
presetting of the Matrixeditor in Muse is much more configurable and
more reasonable for me. Setting an instrument for a track is also much
easyer in Muse, since you can chose them by their own names instead of
the kryptic generic names, RG is offering ("Software Midi Instrument #
etc ")
Plus: Muse has at least some rudimentary features for Waveediting while
RG has only a mere Waveplayer Since you cannot do a vertical resize in
RG, it is more or less unusable for exact cuts in Wavetracks. Muse can
do that much better though it is of course far from being very good at
that also.
There are more small things such as the way to define a loop, that I
very much prefer in Muse...

Since the thread is about editing/recording Midi to send it to
soundgenerators i do not think, it is hijacking, if the pros and cons of
Midieditors are discussed herein :-)
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