[linux-audio-user] Ardour: Stereo or mono inputs ?

Carotinho carotinobg at yahoo.it
Sun Oct 1 14:27:13 EDT 2006


Alle 01:01, sabato 30 settembre 2006, lanas ha scritto:
> Folks,
>   Until recently I used to connect one output (L or R) to one mono
> Ardor input.  Then I thought, well, most apps have stereo outs, so why
> not connect both ?  This way Freeverb works !  Apart from that, what do
> you most often use, mono or stereo ?  What's your approach ?

I use stereo tracks in Ardour connected to stereo sources, because I generally 
want to treat the sound of eg. a synth, which can vary between the two 
channels, and whose final sound comes from the sum of both, as a singular 
audio source in my project. I've never felt the necessity to apply effects to 
a channel and not to the other.

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