[linux-audio-user] xmms does not play on multiface

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Tue Oct 3 18:44:40 EDT 2006

Martin Wohlleben wrote:
> ....
> Otherwise you can leave jack running on your hdsp and use xmms with it's
> jack output plug (http://xmms-jack.sourceforge.net) to connect it.
> You can use qjackctl or qjackconnect to link xmms's output to the right
> output of your soundcard.
> Regards
> Martin
hey martin, that was the real hint!
i was using the "libjackxmms.so" as the output, but the thing i needed 
to have is "lib jackout.so", availibel at the url you wrote above.
wow, it is running now again!
very much thanks to you martin and to other people tried to solve my 


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