[linux-audio-user] [Music] a samba

Steve D groups at xscd.com
Wed Oct 11 03:56:00 EDT 2006

A samba I'm working on--


For this piece, I decided to do all the recording in Rosegarden. I first
recorded a scratch (to throw away later) piano part to the metronome, to
get the (minimal) arrangement down to guide me, then I recorded the
percussion track, then the bass track and finally the piano track, all
in MIDI.

Then I used Rosegarden's MIDI mixer to balance the sound levels (to
where they sounded good to me anyway :-), and had Rosegarden play back
the MIDI to my external hardware tone generator (A Roland FantomXR is
what I used for this recording), and recorded the resultant audio
through an M-Audio Delta 1010 sound card back into the computer, through
jack (qjackctl) and back into an audio track in Rosegarden.

Then I exported the audo track as a .wav file, quit Rosegarden, opened
the file in Audacity (I love Ardour and Jamin, but I wanted to limit
myself this time, and Audacity is a fine application in its own right)
and normalized the audio, then exported it as an OGG Vorbis file. I
guess I could have just used the command-line programs normalize and
oggenc instead.

Then I tagged the OGG with easytag (nice program), with the Creative
Commons attribution share-alike license:


It's so much fun to create music, and so much fun to use the truly great
tools available in Linux now.

I wish I knew some local musicians (a drummer, bass player and maybe
another instrumentalist like a guitarist or sax player, to form a small
trio or quartet), but I don't (I live in a very rural area with not too
many musicians to begin with and no way to make a living at it), so I
just play all the parts myself as best I can.

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wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to
rule others. -Edward Abbey

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