[linux-audio-user] ot-ish : trackballs

Jouni Rinne jouni.rinne at luukku.com
Wed Oct 11 18:05:39 EDT 2006

greg kirjoitti:
> Just wondering if anybody has any experience using trackballs.  I have
> the impression that it would be more ergonomic and might offer better
> precision/control for selections, etc. It looks like Kensington($$$) and
> logitech are the only companies making them now.

I have two: a Logitech Marble Mouse on my main computer and a Logitech TrackMan
Wheel on my second computer. The latter is good for office work, browsing etc.
because of the scrollwheel, but the ball is a bit harder to use because you
can't really use but your thumb. The Marble Mouse is wonderful: I'll never, ever
want to use an ordinary mouse after the experience with it... It's very good for
almost anything, and the best gaming mouse I've ever tried: I just *can't* play
Q3A, UT etc. without it!


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