[linux-audio-user] flash 9 beta

Rob lau at kudla.org
Thu Oct 19 16:05:26 EDT 2006

On Thursday 19 October 2006 12:47, Leonard "paniq" Ritter wrote:
> we need an authoring tool for svg animations, and better
> support for various svg properties in firefox.

I think putting a lot of effort into SVG is kinda moot now since 
Adobe is killing its SVG plugin for IE at the end of next 
year.... unless Firefox gets a majority market share or someone 
gets a free software IE plugin released by then.

Beyond that, though, most of this discussion is about streaming 
video and audio sync, neither of which SVG was ever intended to 

I think the Gnash project has a better chance of catching up with 
Flash than SVG plus (whatever other technologies would be needed 
to recreate the functionality of Flash) does, so I hope free 
software SWF authoring tools continue to improve.


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