[linux-audio-user] Does anybody actually perform with ZynAddSubFX?

Dubphil dubphil at free.fr
Wed Oct 25 04:00:19 EDT 2006

Drucer Ninetynine a écrit :
> It's a shame if nobody is working on it. It's such an
> awesome sounding synthesizer that it would be a shame
> if it can't be used for live shows because of the
> stability problems.
I second this ;)

about the stability, I use 3 instances of zynaddsubfx along with seq24 
in live condition and it is rock solid.
I use one for the bass and the rythmic guitar (I never had to change the 
parameters for these so it's ok). I only get an xrun each time I load a 
new parameter for the third instance (but as said before, it is a good 
idea to create 16 instrument in one parameter session and activate or 
not the one I need, I will go for it).
I use a gentoo with the 2.6.16-rt29 kernel (the best one I ever had) and 
a Terratec PHASE 26 usb soundcard.



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