[linux-audio-user] E17 - our choice of WM in the future?

freak lala.land at freenet.de
Thu Oct 26 13:03:49 EDT 2006

Thomas Vecchione schrieb:
> I suppose since it hasn't been mentioned, there ARE other themes for 
> E17.   If memory serves me correctly, the elive CD uses a version of 
> the Darkness theme for its default, but I need to try it again to be 
> sure.
> In as far as memory is concerned, actually e17 runs pretty dang light 
> on my machine, its the reason I use it.  I know Rasterman has gotten 
> it running on a PDA before as well, so that should tell you 
> something.  In fact I believe one of their design goals was to allow 
> it to be run as light as possible for things like that.
>           Seablade
but most of the themes dont work in my case... opensuse 10.1 and 
enlightenment repo on repos.opensuse.org

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