[linux-audio-user] More music at the Archive

Yves Potin yves at jazzcomputer.org
Thu Oct 26 13:19:23 EDT 2006

Le 25 Oct à 09:50, Dave Phillips ecrivait:

> http://www.archive.org/details/SonatinaForAnImaginaryGuitarist

        I enjoyed very much this piece. 
        As a guitar player, I must thank you for the word « imaginary »
:). And I particularly appreciate the way you end your compositions, with
very nice unattended opened chords. I noticed the same about « Promenade »
which didn't ended the way one could expect. 
        Could you put the score somewhere ? There are really fine chords in
your composition, and I'm runing a bit out of time for transcription...
        Thanks for these tracks :). 


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