[linux-audio-user] Digital DJ control

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Mon Oct 30 22:52:00 EST 2006

I would go for this one from numark:



DXM01 USB DXM01 with 2 USB Connectors
The DXM01 USB is a 24-bit digital DJ mixer with a 10” tabletop design 
that includes two USB ports for direct computer connectivity. Audio 
files can be played from computer and mixed along with records, CDs, and 
microphone. Mixes can also be recorded back to computer via USB. The 
DXM01 USB works seamlessly with all soundcard-compatible Windows and Mac 
audio software, and all audio file formats are supported, including MP3, 
Windows Media, and AIFF files. No software drivers are needed with 
Windows XP or Mac OS X, and a USB cable is included. With a 24-bit 
digital signal path throughout, the DXM01 USB offers the purest sound of 
any DJ mixer, all digital controls, and sub-bass synthesis with 
intensity control.

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