[linux-audio-user] Crispy hi-hats

juuso.alasuutari at tamperelainen.org juuso.alasuutari at tamperelainen.org
Sat Sep 2 16:20:41 EDT 2006

Something's bothering me about making beats in Linux (without a dime to spare on
a hardware synth): The lack of high-quality hi-hat samples.

I recently fell in love with a site called Freesound [0], but although I've
found great samples there I'm still missing those crisp, airy hats I hear when
listening to "real" music. (You may not share my taste for psychedelic trance,
but you will know what I mean if you listen to e.g. Infected Mushroom.)

Of course much of the sound is achieved with EQ's and effects, but one must
still have a decent starting point. The only hi-hats I seem find sound muddy
and heavy (I don't mean the genre of music, I mean that the hat hits won't
"dance" in the air above the head, if you know what I mean). Usually they're
also ruined by static background noise. :(

I'm considering trying to locate some FOAF who owns a wavetable synth with
digital I/O so I could sample clean hi-hats, but I would much rather have them
home-made. Can anyone please point me to a free sample repository with
high-quality hats, or recommend a GPL'd drum synth? (I haven't tried Smack yet,
and I'm keeping my hopes up high - I'm sure it can say "smack" very well, and
I'm hoping the "tschik" will also please me. :))


[0] http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/

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