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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Sun Sep 3 14:59:41 EDT 2006

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Hi Julien,

Julien Claassen schrieb:
> Hi all!
>   I just uploaded the complete rewrite of my website, with a few additional
> tracks. You can find the downloadpage at:
>   http://www.juliencoder.de/en/download.html
>   Or for the German guys at:
> http://www.juliencoder.de/de/download.html
>   (beware German site is still incomplete!)

I recently search the web for pages taht can be a reference for my view
on the topic "what does a really great website looks like?". Your page
is a good example for presenting complex content in a layout, that makes
it accessable. Yet i would recommend to change the coulour for the links
to a more darker greenish (HEX could be something like #176257) and I
recommend to raise the lineheight (not the fontsize) for the lists a bit.

>   The software I used is mainly ecasound, loads of ladspa-plugins, fluidsynth
> and ZynAddSubFX. Occasionally a bit more... Thanks to all the great lads, who
> made this possible!
>   Btw. Feedback is highly welcome! (I'm practically longing for you to beat me
> up for my bad mastering or something... :0))

i listened to the monadenthema, time passing and sinner.

monadenthema is cool but i would like it better if it would be somewhat
more over the top (some even faster guitar-stuff etc).

time is too conventional for my taste.

sinner: great material but i really encourage you to present this a
little more extreme, besides better j-rock stuff (wich lives from
breathtaking virtuosity)  the track reminds my of current 93 a bit. Yet
of a song of current93 that is *not* sung by  David Tibet - so as
regarding monadenthema i say: this is very potent and interesting
material and anyone can hear a lot of talent and skill in the track but
to my liking it needs some more hmmm... force (loud parts louder, slow
parts slower, low parts lower, fast parts faster etc etc etc.)

carry on!!

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