[linux-audio-user] Plugging an electric instrument

Jordan jordan at jdnash.org
Sun Sep 3 19:32:51 EDT 2006

Here, we usually plug keyboards and guitars into a Direct Box.

Now, this is for a live environment, and doesn't have to do with digital 
recording, but it converts the 1/4 to an XLR.

- Jordan
lanas wrote:
> On Mon, 04 Sep 2006 00:59:50 +0200
> Hartmut Noack <zettberlin at linuxuse.de> écrivait:
>> Maybe you could plug the output of the preamp via some Adapter to the
>> 1010LT, if the preamp has got an Headphone-out it could work also but
>> I really recommend to buy a small mixer.
> One point that was earlier made here when I was asking lots of
> questions (not that I've quit doing that...) is that there should be as
> few as possible of components in the path so that the sound source goes
> into digital as soon as possible.  The preamp of the guitar has no
> headphone jack.  Only a 1/4 standard jack for instruments.  The preamp
> of the guitar is battery-powered.  Is routing the signal through a
> mixer the only way to go ?
> Al

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