[linux-audio-user] Lashd won't start.

Brian Dunn job17and9 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 3 23:09:14 EDT 2006

Forest Bond wrote:
>> Anyone seen this before? Happens when I try to start lashd.
>> brian at grace ~ $ lashd
>> No supported SIMD instruction sets detected
>> Connected to JACK server with client name 'LASH_Server'
>> Opened ALSA sequencer with client ID 129
>> conn_mgr_start: could not look up service name: Servname not supported 
>> for ai_socktype
>> loader_run: server closed socket; exiting
>> Segmentation fault
> This is usually what happens if you are missing the appropriate line in
> /etc/services (lashd shouldn't crash when this happens, but does.)
> -Forest
You where right, Forest.  Adding
lash           14541/tcp                       # LASH client/server protocol

to /etc/services got lashd running.  I wasn't able to open lash_panel at 
first, due to some message about not being able to find localhost.  so 
then i added a local host definition to
/etc/hosts   localhost

and now I have a working lash setup.  Thanks!

something else is now quite troubling, though... it seems that all 
multimedia applications are now incapable of seeing the SIMD features of 
this PIII.  lashd, lash_panel, zynaddsubfx, and even mplayer all say

No supported SIMD instruction sets detected

I'm running gentoo and i've got all the relevant use flags turned on, 
sse, mmx...

any clues? how can this be broken system wide?

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