[linux-audio-user] finally... my 1st themes made with Linux

perlanegra proyect perlanegra.proyect at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 10:42:57 EDT 2006

hey, thanx

to play my music in the clubs is not the final idea, it's music to
listen where u feel good...  :)

I've used Hydrogen, and of course, Ardour, I'm a drumbox fan   XD
I've found this tool amazing, I find the idea of the layers very good,
it's very easy to get a good sound with them. Personally, I love the
sharp sound of linux... it makes me to be alive...  :)

I'm using a pure Debian with the DeMuDi packages, I really feel very
comfortable with it, but I am not a code wizz to compile something
very strange, so, I'll take a look to xjadeo later, I'll see what can
I do...

thanx a lot again, this list is amazing    ;)

> Kinda hardcore/experimental, but I like them! Wouldn't play them in a
> club, but for me I like this style. What tools have you used?

> I've been very happy to use xjadeo in jack-sync with ardour for editing
> sound for videos. Find instructions here (in the readme in the tarball):
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/xjadeo/
> What distro are you using? I've been hunting down packages for some
> distros, wich might be good to have since it may be a bit hard to compile.
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> Ringheims Auto - Fri musikk for bilstereo!
> http://ringheimsauto.org

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