[linux-audio-user] sound recording application

Rob lau at kudla.org
Fri Sep 8 13:21:26 EDT 2006

On Friday 08 September 2006 10:28, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Frank Barknecht wrote:
> >If you use ecasound as I recommended (and not the much less
> > reliable arecord that's all the rage in this thread's recent
> > mails), you can just replace .wav with .ogg in your command
> > line and you will get a compressed ogg-file recording
> Agree++ with Frank, ecasound is the superior recommended
> choice. 1st-rate audio software for the Linux console.

Well?  We've all been posting one-liners, so let's see one that 
uses ecasound.  I didn't even know about asound when I started 
this thread, and I thought ecasound was some big horrific Tk 


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