[linux-audio-user] Intel Dual Core vs. AMD64

Stephen Hassard steve at hassard.net
Mon Sep 11 23:28:48 EDT 2006

Arthur Moore wrote:
> I'm looking at getting a new laptop for audio production (current
> system is pentium IIIM 1.3Ghz, 512 M memory, 5200 RPM hard drive,
> Presonus Firepod running with FreeBob , not really cutting it). I'm
> wondering what people's opinions about the Intel dual core vs. an
> AMD64 bit processor, both with 2GB of memory, and a 100GB 7200 RPM
> hard drive. From my limited understanding the dual core is like a dual
> processor (maybe?) running in parallel. It seems to me that the dual
> core would be better than the AMD64 for audio production.

Hi Arthur,

I can't over-recommend getting a dual core PC (be it a laptop or 
desktop). The amount of CPU throughput is much great for not a 
considerably greater amount of cash.

64bit CPU extensions are becoming standard these days, and while 64bit 
distros seem to just be coming into their own, you have complete 32bit 
backwards compatibility if you find that your favourite distro isn't 
64bit, or 64bit doesn't meet your needs.

Athlon64 X2 laptops don't seem to be particularly available at the 
moment, instead you might want to look for the Core 2 Duo based laptops. 
The earlier Core Duo (1st gen Core architecture) didn't include 64bit 
extensions, which isn't really a problem, but it's something worth 
taking into consideration.

I've found in the past that AMD based chipsets (particularly laptop 
ones) seem to have some issues with Linux. Things seem to be much better 
with very recent kernels, but Intel chipsets seems to work better in 

Battery consumption on the Intel Core platform seems to be better than 
the AMD mobile platform, though I'm not sure how much this would be a 
problem if you're mainly running off of the power mains.

Hopefully this helps some ..


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