[linux-audio-user] Spoofing

Cesare Marilungo cesare at poeticstudios.com
Wed Sep 13 13:00:58 EDT 2006

Dave Phillips wrote:

> Cesare Marilungo wrote:
> [re: Cinelerra et al]
>> This is a powerful software. I'm using it to edit my own dv movies 
>> and I've successfully made some dvds with it.
> Cinelerra is powerful. It would be even more powerful if you could 
> find the time to document your success in a HOWTO for others. I know 
> time is always too short, but seriously, it would be wonderful to see 
> a step-by-step tutorial guide to DVD production with the software you 
> mentioned.
> Best regards,
> dp
If you believe that there's an interest in this I'll try to write an 
howto as soon as I'll have enough spare time.

Meanwhile you can read this:


It's only about the last part of the process (how to export the video 
and the audio files from cinelerra, prepare the image and burn the dvd).

To capture from the dvd camera I use dvgrab (a command-line utility).




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