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Arnold Krille arnold.krille at gmail.com
Sat Sep 16 15:15:44 EDT 2006


I like your music!

2006/9/13, Robert Jonsson <rj at spamatica.se>:
> http://spamatica.se/music/spamatica/default/spamatica_-_bloodsimple1.1.ogg
> http://spamatica.se/music/spamatica/default/spamatica_-_preludium_to_armageddon1.0.ogg
> http://spamatica.se/music/spamatica/default/spamatica_-_i_gotta_hand_it_to_you1.1.ogg

While all are great, could you post lyrics and chords on this one?
This song is amazing...

> http://spamatica.se/music/spamatica/default/spamatica_-_ddb3.ogg
> http://spamatica.se/music/spamatica/default/spamatica_-_one_minute_jazz.ogg
> http://spamatica.se/music/spamatica/default/spamatica_-_xper1.5.ogg

My technical ear says that most of them (all?) have to much bass,
probably in the 150-200Hz section. I compared it to some Eric Clapton
songs (which tend to have a lot of bass) and yours where a little
While the bass might be okay for the electronic stuff it is (in my
ears) to much for the jazzier songs...

Anyway, thanks for sharing your great music!


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