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Yves Potin yves_p at nnx.com
Sun Sep 17 17:31:41 EDT 2006

Le 17 Sep à 21:55, Robert Jonsson ecrivait:

> I went back and checked and I used several soundfonts.
> "Xbert Drum Kit 9 v1.0" for kick and snare
> "nskit6 fullkit" for hihat
> "nskit6 crashandsplash" for cymbals
> Slightly reverberated.
> So, the effect tweaking I thought I had done was actually not so. And the 
> nskit6 samples are very high quality.

        Thanks for the info, I haven't heard about these soundfonts. 
        I've listened to the last version of digital dark age blues (sorry
for the typo in my last mail), I like this feeling even if I do, and
normally listen to, really another kind of music :).
        For the sound of the drums, by « natural » I meant that the drums
sound like drums, a real set :), with a snare, a hi hat and so on, and
not like electronic percussions.  It's always a pleasure for me to hear
someone use such sounds.

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