[linux-audio-user] Distros these days? What a mess!

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Fri Sep 22 14:32:52 EDT 2006

On Fri Sep 22, 2006 at 11:25:00AM -0700, iainduncan at telus.net wrote:
> Gaaah! I haven't had to install a new linux in ages, and now am faced with doing
> so. Is it just me, or is the state of linux pro audio on the major distros a
> total mess right now? Fedora core 5 seems to require MUCH tweaking to get any
> audio working and has a lot of alsa weirdness preventing serious work,
> Ubuntu just plain doesn't work with numerous cards ( including mine! ) and
> gentoo took a giant step backwards by rushing a broken and not ready 2006.1
> installer out the door negating all the advantages they used to have.
> Am I the only one who feels like getting pro audio working these days is
> *harder* than two years ago??? 

i think its easier than ever. on windows it was alwasy a constant dance of deleting registry entries from old versions of plugins, dealing with the annoyance of clogging up USB ports with dongles or trackign down slightly ness annoying cracks just so you could use software you paid for without broken challenge/response schemes that required internet connections and said dongle ports..

have you tried the proaudio overlay? just about every audio app ever written for linux is an emerge away. it couldnt get much easier..

just emerge layman && layman -a pro-audio or similar to get it installed..

It seems to me that in the race to make a distro
> that has everything working out of the box, we now have a bunch of things that
> are really screwed up for those of us with unusual needs, and now they are much
> harder to untangle. =(
> Any recos for a distro that must:
> - be decent for development
> - allow easy integration of from source apps with the distro 
> - be realtively straightforward for audio kernel recompiles 
> Thanks
> Iain

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