[linux-audio-user] RME Digi96/8 PST, no S/PDIF out apparently

Ismael Valladolid Torres ivalladolidt at terra.es
Tue Sep 26 04:51:57 EDT 2006

After some problems configuring jackd, I achieved making use of this
card in the analog world, featuring 5ms of latency and superb audio
quality. However, I tried to connect the optical output to the optical
input on my minidisc and I am not being able to record anything.

While listening to music using analog out, there's laser in the
optical connector of the card. If I plug the cable there's laser in
the other side of the cable. When plugged into the minidisc it says

I read about lowering the mixer level to 0 in order to enable the
S/PDIF out but that wasn't succesful here.

Jack's running like this:

$ jackd -R -dalsa -dhw:1 -r96000 -p256 -n2

I assumed that the same sound output was being forwarded to both the
analog output and the optical output as S/PDIF, but I might be wrong.

Any pointers welcome, thanks in advance.

Cordially, Ismael
Ismael Valladolid Torres   "Il est vain de pleurer sur l'esprit, il suffit
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