[linux-audio-user] Which distribution? (Used to be DeMuDi)

oktyabr oktyabr at linux-studio.org
Sun Feb 4 14:59:06 EST 2007

Asbjørn Sæbø wrote:
> Hi, and sorry for the newbie-ish subject.
> I have mostly been away from Linux audio for the most part of a year, 
> and things seems to have changed during that time.  So, now I am 
> wondering where to pick up.
> DeMuDi, the distribution which I used to use, seems to have little 
> activity.  Is is maintained in such a way that it is sensible to go with 
> it again?  And if not so, what other suggestions do you have for a 
> distribution for audio work?  (Studio64 is out of the question, as I 
> have no 64-bit hardware.)  Simple low-latency setup is appreciated, as 
> is something Debian-based and quite up-to-date.
> With kind regards
> Asbjørn Sæbø
All good advice so far!

I personally use a beta of Sidux (sidux.com) which is basically Debian 
*unstable* (or "Sid" as it is known; hence SIDux) modified by some very 
easy to use scripts.  Sidux is what evolved from a developer split from 
the original Kanotix distro and aims to provide enhanced stability to an 
"unstable" build ("unstable" from the debian point of view; much more in 
name than in practice, in my opinion.) 

Once installed and converted to sidux I downloaded the latest "slh" 
kernel which does nice things with realtime.  

What you end up with is a fairly stable realtime debian based distro 
that features the best of the bleeding edge packages.  It is about as 
current as you can get on debian without building packages from source 
and performs quite nicely as an RT enviroment.


Jon Hoskins

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