[linux-audio-user] [ANN] Releases : Tapeutape and Tranches

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Mon Feb 5 10:33:56 EST 2007

Dragan Noveski wrote:
> Florent Berthaut wrote:
>> Dragan Noveski a écrit :
>>> Florent Berthaut wrote:
>>>> Hi everyone,
>>>> I'm pleased to announce the release Tranches and Tapeutape.
>>>> (my first release !!! )
>>>> Tapeutape is a midi-controlled virtual sampler.It is highly
>>>> configurable,lets you create instruments/kits/setups and is 
>>>> designed for
>>>> live performance.It works on Gnu/Linux with the jack sound server.
>>>> There's a command-line and a gui version.
>>>> It can be found at http://www.hitmuri.com/Tapeutape
>>>> An example of what can be done with it :
>>>> http://www.hitmuri.com/Tapeutape/demo_tapeutape.ogg
>>>> Tranches is a midi-controlled multi-(inputs|outputs) live beat
>>>> repeat|redirect tool for the jack sound server on Gnu/Linux !!! 
>>>> There's
>>>> a command-line and a gui version.
>>>> website : http://hitmuri.com/Tranches/
>>>> audio example : http://www.hitmuri.com/Tranches/demo_tranches.ogg
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Flo
>>> hi, i tried now building both appis, first editing the SConstruct 
>>> file, so that it installs in /usr/local, than running scons both 
>>> times successfully!
>>> did not played with it still, so i cannot make any seriously 
>>> comments on the functionality, but  for now, tranches is segfaulting 
>>> while loading the example.tra file.
>>> i ll do some real tests in the next days and report!
>>> thanks and cheers,
>>> doc
>> Did you launch tranches while an app was the transport master for jack ?
>> Otherwise tranches will segfault (i'll fix this soon), usually i 
>> start seq24 as the transport master and then press the play button in 
>> it.
>> After that i launch tranches .
>> Actually tranches need to know the bpm of jack transport, that's why 
>> it segfault if transport is not active .
>> I'll find a way to fix this, it shouldn't be too complicated .
>> Flo
> please give me some time to found out more about tranches and do some 
> serious test.
> i tried now running seq24 as a transport master, but still the segfault.
> i ll report (promise!).
> cheers,
> doc
ok, looks like this here:

i changed the example file in tapeutape, so that the paths to the 
samples are showing to some samples in my homedir, and look  - it works 
very well  with seq24  and jack.
unfortunately, i really don´t understand the example file in tranches.
is tranches designed to control  a hardware midi  stuff (i don´t have 
any here)?

generally, please don´t get me wrong or nonconstructive, but for me 
editing the example file for being able to play samples is really 
what we need is some "specimen" mechanism, but i don´t know how heavy it 
is to design sth like that. ( i can imagine, it is not simple at all!)

for now, tapeutape works good and stable here, i ll play more with this!!

thanks for your work and the support,

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