[linux-audio-user] A Simple Plan

James Stone jamesmstone at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 04:00:16 EST 2007

> Modplug just has a really beautifully developed interface. I find that the
> speed at which I can write tunes is an order of magnitude higher using it,
> and I never get bogged down trying to do something complicated that
> should be simple. It has a really intuitive access to your
> sample/instrument library, for example, and key strokes do what you
> expect them to. You can edit patterns pretty much solely using the
> keyboard (e.g. holding down shift to select rows and ctrl-cut and paste)
> which you can't do in some of the Linux based trackers. I just find it
> really non-annoying to use.

Have you looked at Aldrin? It also has the same level of control
over plugin parameters (I have just discovered how to do it!).
And is Linux native.. Buzz-like interface.

The only thing it can't do at the moment that you are doing is play 
puredata patches, although you could use the dssi-vst plugin and
load the pdvst I suppose. I think the author is trying to move
away from the dssi plugin idea though, so that songs written in
aldrin can be shared between people in the community without the
searching for plugins problem that beset Buzz.


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