[linux-audio-user] Re: linux-audio-user Digest, Vol 41, Issue 35

pascal lawrynowicz p.law at libertysurf.fr
Sat Feb 10 04:32:45 EST 2007

>> pascal lawrynowicz wrote:
>>> I'm running a 64studio and have a trouble using it with Creative 
>>> Sound Blaster Platinum Live DriveII sound device (pretty old but 
>>> really cheap for what I need).
>>> I'm sure there's soundfonts in the device, allright? 
>> Not unless you actually loaded them. Try something like this command:
>>    asfxload /path/to/some/soundfont.sf2
>> Good luck. Some distros seem to think sfxload/asfxload are negligible 
>> items or at least worthy of hidden status. I guess they figure we can 
>> stuff the fonts into the card by hand. :(
>> Best,
>> dp
Hello, I want to know more :
I've heard of this command before, but I want to understand this deeper 
: if I'll use asfxload it's to import external soundfonts in my device. 
But I already used these cards on Win$ and the soundfonts were already 
in there... And from what I heard it's the particularity of this device 
there's already SF inside... So how can I have a direct access to them.


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