[linux-audio-user] Audio Dropouts

Gary Nored gnored at centurytel.net
Sun Feb 25 18:29:57 EST 2007

I have a problem burning standard audio CDs. On Ubuntu (Dapper Drake), 
using K3b I am able to burn all variety of disks (wavs, mp3s, etc) but 
when I create a standard audio CD I get dropouts. They do not sound like 
a disconnect, but rather more like a controlled fade, followed 
immediately by a fade to full volume. The whole dropout usually lasts 
1/4 sec or so, though occasionally a dropout is not restored for the 
remainder of the track. The format of the source material is irrelevant. 
(PS. The drive was taken from an XP box where it creates audio CDs 

I've looked about for answers, but have never heard this symptom 
described elsewhere.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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