[linux-audio-user] ANN: JOST, a simple host for native VST

Michael Bohle opendaw at jacklab.org
Mon Feb 26 08:18:49 EST 2007

Hi there,

The italian DJ and Developer  Lucio Asnaghi has made a first preview of simple 
host for native VST on Linux. Native VST for Linux was founded first by 
Jorgen Aase /EnergyXT2, but the communication is problematic (also other devs 
reported that Jorgen didn't anwer to any mail), so Lucio decided to make an 
own host, based on the framework JUCE , because he porting a lot of VST 
Synths to Linux. (he also made a great port from ZynAdd Windows VST back to 
Linux VST)

It shall be released in March under an open licence. He will build up this 
small host JOST (Jack hOST) to a instrumentrack with basic sequencer 
functions. Later he will build up a full sequencer named "Juggler", which 
should be near to the commercial Tracktion. (JUCE is the framework behind 

You can download the first preview from the website of the autor.

The best native Linux VST plugins for testing JOST are the mdaSuite:

More information about JUCE, Tracktion and Julian Storer


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