[linux-audio-user] dssi-vst

osbusters at softhome.net osbusters at softhome.net
Mon Jan 1 05:55:23 EST 2007


Well...I've exhausted myself trying to get this to work,
and naturally a new poster to a mailing list should introduce himself etc 

But it's 5:45AM, I've got a wicked cold, my throat's on fire, and because I 
can't sleep...I've decided (unwisely) to keep trying to get this to work. 

I'm using an rpm (mdk) of rosegarden I rebuilt from a source rpm...it seems 
to work fine, and I can get those cruddy "trivial" synths to work fine. I 
guess I should be happy after hoping to record in linux now for 5 
years...but it won't be a studio till I can get my Arturia vsti's, my native 
instruments purring along in time. 

So, How do I get dssi-vst to see my vsti's? I've tried everything I can 
think of, but nothing seems to work.
here's the message from my last attempt: 

[ ~]# jack-dssi-host dssi-vst.so:Pro-53.dll 

jack-dssi-host: Warning: DSSI path not set
jack-dssi-host: Defaulting to 

VST_PATH not set, defaulting to /root/vst:/usr/local/lib/vst:/usr/lib/vst
DSSI_PATH not set, defaulting to 
RemoteVSTClient: executing /usr/local/lib/dssi/dssi-vst/dssi-vst-scanner 
RemoteVSTClient: executing /usr/lib/dssi/dssi-vst/dssi-vst-scanner 
DSSI VST plugin scanner v0.3
Copyright (c) 2004 Chris Cannam - Fervent Software
Plugin scanner version mismatch
VST_PATH not set, defaulting to /root/vst:/usr/local/lib/vst:/usr/lib/vst
DSSI VST plugin scanner v0.3
Copyright (c) 2004 Chris Cannam - Fervent Software
dssi-vst-scanner: Failed to open output file /tmp/rplugin_qry_pxhrvE : No 
such file or directory
dssi-vst-scanner: Defaulting to stdout
ÀVST_PATH not set, defaulting to /root/vst:/usr/local/lib/vst:/usr/lib/vst 

jack-dssi-host: Error: Plugin label "Pro-53.dll" not found in library 

The things that stand out, of course are: VST_PATH not set & DSSI_PATH not 
set, + the "plugin-scanner mismatch" 

I am at my wits end with this. A few more days and I slog back to my windows 
Any help would be great! 

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