[linux-audio-user] ladspa reverb

Yves Potin yves at jazzcomputer.org
Mon Jan 1 16:56:12 EST 2007

Le 01 Jan à 15:56, Atte André Jensen ecrivait:

> So, I'm interested in hearing others experiences with these plugins, do 
> you use/avoid them?

        I also encounter important problems with TAP plugins. I have
even rather old Ardour sessions that can hardly been used with TAP reverb
        After hours and hours searching, I've also found that Zynaddsubfx
doesn't suffer the presence of an Om patch using any TAP plugin, not only
the chorus or the reverb but even the pink noise generator. Zyn generates
rains of cracks and noises that immediately stops when deleting any TAP
plugin from Om.
        Another problem is that TAP plugins compile with GCC 4, but
doesn't work normally, especially the chorus, which requires GCC 3.

> And finally: what's your favorite stereo out reverb, both with 1 and two 
> inputs?

        That's really a problem for me, because I've found no other reverb
of such a quality in the linux world. Instead, I'm turning to VST
effects but none of them are free (as in free speech), and the worst
appears with Ambiance freeware, which seems excellent (
http://www.smartelectronix.com/%7Emagnus/ ). I've found absolutely no way
to save any user preset or even access to the factory presets. Most of
the VSTs I've tried can't be used with FST, which seem to be able to save
something like a preset, because of an X Window problem. I've related this
in an e mail posted here (Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2006 12:37:27 +0100), and had
no answer... 
        If someone would have an idea, it would be of a great help...
        Thanks in advance, 

P.S. I've listened to your last version of Ro, which for me sounds really
great :).

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