[linux-audio-user] Fedora 5 and mp3...

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Fri Jan 5 16:41:01 EST 2007

Brad Fuller wrote:
> Russell Hanaghan wrote:
>> I have, for the first time, set up FD5 and CCRMA for a look see. I 
>> like how it all works and the RT kernel runs sweet and gives very low 
>> Xrun free latency. My only curiosity is that Redhat seem to be not 
>> interested in pushing the mp3 licensing envelope. Xmms and Amarok wont 
>> play my extensive list of MP3's citing Redhat does not support the 
>> format due to said licensing issues.
>> Other than building from source, are there any players out there that 
>> do support MP3 under FC5?
> Fedora supports MP3, but doesn't come with it. You need to install 
> either Gstreamer or the XINE plugin. These can be installed from the 
> livna repo. In the past, it wasn't completely compatible with other 
> repos, but this may have changed. I'm not running FC5 right now, so I'm 
> out of the current loop.
> In any case, I recommend the Xine plugin for Amarok.  You used to be 
> able to get this plugin from: amarok-extras-nonfree on livna. It might 
> be on other repos by now. Others might know here.
> http://amarok.kde.org/ had a page about amarok and MP3. You might also 
> look there.
here's that page:

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