[linux-audio-user] Om/Ingen status

Loki Davison loki.davison at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 05:13:19 EST 2007

On 1/6/07, rob <rob at curates-egg.org> wrote:
> Hi all
> Does anyone known the current status of Om/Ingen?  The
> http://www.nongnu.org/om-synth/ page says Om _was_, but not that Ingen
> _is_ :)
> Anyway, in case anyone is interested....

The ingen site has the code there in SVN. codeson.net There also now
seems to much more docs for ingen than there ever was for om on the
site! ;) Improvements are supposed to be pretty massive, but i haven't
actually tried it for quite a while...


(almost recovered from food posioning in northern lao now...)

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