[linux-audio-user] OT: more about (laptop) hum

Tobiah st at tobiah.org
Mon Jan 8 15:19:58 EST 2007

> It nearly kills me that I can't find anyone here 
> who will repair them when they go dead.  

It's not really rocket science.  Soldering is a little
more difficult than using a hot glue gun, but not much.

Look on the net for a tutorial.  You want to heat the
connection, and have the connection melt the solder,
rather then the gun directly.  I recommend a separate tub of
flux, rather than, or in addition to rosin core solder.

Flux the connection, burn of the flux with the gun,
then solder as I described.

Also, grub the plug with long nose pliers between the
heat and the plastic, or you may melt the connector.

I would cut six inches or so off of the bad end(s) of the
cable, to be sure that the break/short is long gone.

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