[linux-audio-user] status of ams

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Thu Jan 11 05:11:59 EST 2007

>  > Not really true.
>I heard this first hand (about gcc3.3) from two developers who work
>on the L4 microkernel on ARM. These people know about low level C
>code and ARM assembler.

I also work in low level C code, and ARM assembler, and have 
extensive experience working with gcc, F/OSS tools, distributions, 
and the Linux kernel, since the day of the minix-list post..

In the #gp2xdev scene, we have pressed into use every gcc version 
from 2.95.3 to 4.2 in order to get better, faster, leaner ARM code on 
the GP2X (these are game coders who don't mind writing their own OS 
if it pushes pixels a little faster) .. For sure, there are things 
you can do with gcc on ARM that will result in fat, bloated, un-fast 
code.. just as there are things you can do with it that will run 
lean, fast and mean.

Your generalization is negatively bias'ed on the basis of second hand 
details and in my opinion should not be parleyed without direct 
experience.  Ask your pals about gcc 4.1.



Jay Vaughan

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