[linux-audio-user] Exporting Muse tracks to an audio file

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Fri Jan 19 08:40:41 EST 2007

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linuxmedia4 at netscape.net schrieb:

> Anyways... does anyone have any idea how to get Muse's 'drum tracks' to
> a stereo audio file so I can use it in ecasound? My Echo IO card doesn't
> have a 'capture function' 

But jack does, you can capture anything connected to jack with any
Recordingprog that can connect to jack (I use qarecord for small jobs
and Ardour for more complex stuff)

> 'Record', and then go to Muse and press 'Play' and meanwhile, you have a
> lot of dead space in the front of the resulting audio file.

You can sync the transport of Ardour with the one of Muse, connect
whatever Soundthrower (like H2, Specimen, AMS etc etc) you use, to its
own track in Ardour, toggle record for these Tracks and then set Record
in standby in Ardour, then you can start Muse running and Ardour starts
the Recording in sync.

The syncing needs some Setup in Ardour and Muse, you'll find out, its
tricky but not as complicated as it looks. 10 min trial/error and you
got it ;-)

good luck ;-)


of course you can record the output of H2, Specimen etc. DIRECTLY in
Muse also! Well that should be in perfect sync then anyway ;-)
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