[linux-audio-user] This criticism of jackd valid?

Jay Vaughan jayv at synth.net
Mon Jan 22 09:26:28 EST 2007

>While I agree, I have to wonder what else we can do. The LAM site
>holds a fair amount of music made with Linux tools, and not too long
>ago I stocked the Internet Archive with a batch of recently-composed
>pieces. I have a few other sites dedicated to my music, but perhaps
>you can suggest ways of making all this stuff more visible ?

I think there should be a more regular call for details about what 
people are up to with Linux audio tools .. like, every week, someone 
ought to ask "what have you guys been up to", and start keeping a bit 
of a blog on the subject.

Sure, the LAM site contains such details, but I think it needs update 
and maintenance by the core Linux-audio users and producers more than 
just the guys who are trying to hold it all together.

Perhaps we could arrange a "Linux-only" audio meet, some sort of 
conference a la the synth-diy UK meets, where folks come together for 
linux-only audio production in a friendly conference arrangement?

>Btw, I did continue monitoring the traffic for the /. thread re:
>music sequencing software for Linux. Same old same old. Paul got
>some good response, but overall I'd say the thread was a waste of
>everybody's time.

Only for those concurrently watching the thread; but for sure, its 
going to be helpful to future generations of google-search'ers 
looking for details on such issues as were discussed, and in my 
opinion its good to have beefed up the counter-argument in that 
circumstance.  Imagine that thread never got a response; without the 
real details being discussed, the google'ification of the web results 
in a stagnant conclusion..

>The ignorance on /. regarding Linux audio
>development is simply too deep, and I see little indication that
>posters there want to do little but echo the same old mantras.

Maybe we need a few "Linux-only audio producer" web-lables actively 
pimping the end results in order to make this passion felt by otheres 

>Has any user on this list come here by being persuaded by what he or
>she has read on Slashdot ?

I've been on /. since it was chips&dips, I know how lunatic it can 
get .. but alas, I also am aware of the un-noticed influence it has 
as a result of google.



Jay Vaughan

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