Advocacy (was: Re: [linux-audio-user] This criticism of jackd valid?)

Dave Griffiths dave at
Mon Jan 22 09:42:44 EST 2007

> its clear from this thread that there simply aren't enough
> linux-audio pimps making the rounds and hyping the scene.  hands up
> who has been making tons of music with linux lately?  it sure would
> be nice to hear a lot more from those folks, and maybe even be able
> to push it further out into the mainstream as examples of doing it
> right with linux-audio ..

We have a group here in London UK set up to do that in our own small way:

Basically it's purpose is to put on events, performances and workshops
showing people what can be done with free software, by actually getting
out and doing it.

It does seem (from anecdotal evidence) to work in getting people to go
home and give it a try. I'd recommend this as a down to earth way of
approaching advocacy.

There are related organisations doing similar work such as goto10:



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